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Listen to The Distance

Here’s the link to listen to Taylor’s new CD, The Distance. It’s being released today. Congratulations Taylor! Let us know what you think of  his latest effort and don’t forget to watch Taylor on Ellen DeGeneres today!

Vote for Taylor!!

Taylor Hicks leads as voting continues for Alabama’s Top Music Icon
Posted by Birmingham News March 09, 2009 8:04 AM

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After the first day of voting in The Birmingham News’ music March Madness tournament, “American Idol” winner Taylor Hicks is the clear favorite in the field of 64. The gray-haired leader of the Soul Patrol has received the most votes so far of any of the music legends in our bracket in which you’ll decide Alabama’s Top Music Icon.…_icon.html

You can also write in who you want to see at City Stages!


Top 9 & The Wildcards-week of 3.3-3.7

The Top 9 and The Wildcards

Last night they rounded out the top 9 with the addition of Lil Rounds, Scott MacIntyre and Jorge Nunez to the group that already included Danny Gokey, Michael Sarver, Alexis Grace, Allison Iraheta, Adam Lambert, and Kris Allen.

The judges made 8 wildcard picks who will sing again tonight: Von Smith, Jasmine Murray, Ricky Braddy, Megan Corkrey, Tatiana Del Toro, Matt Giraud, Jesse Langseth, and Anoop Desai.

Tight Black T

For me there was really only one big surprise in the judge’s wildcard picks. For the love of God, why oh why did they pick Tatiana? Okay, I will admit that her Top 36 performance was not awful. But I think that Ju’not Joyner is much more talented and I’m disappointed not to see him get a wildcard chance. I say there was only one surprise, but that doesn’t mean I am completely on board with these picks. I know the judges like both Megan Corkrey and Jesse Langseth, but neither of them do anything for me. I probably would have given Felicia Barton another chance over both of these girls.

And I need to make a comment about Paula here. She has impressed me this season with her ability to remember the songs the contestants sang previously. Has she stepped it up a notch with the addition of Kara?

So, my wildcard picks, without benefit of them singing again of course, are: Anoop Desai, Ricky Braddy, and Matt Giraud. Though I think Jasmine Murray could bump out Braddy.

Lil’ Dawg

Okay here are my wildcard picks. If you’ve been paying attention you’ll know who my first pick is. Yup, Noop Dawg! And not to copy Tight Black T, but Rickey Braddy and Matt Giraud round out the three.

Seacrest’s Hair

We have to wonder if the judges will bow to the need to have a gender-balanced top 12 and put through Megan, Jesse and… well, Tatiana, not because she’s better than Jasmine but because she is The Drama (especially since Nathaniel and Norman are both quite, quite gone now). We would like to see Anoop, Jesse and… well… we really didn’t care for anyone else. Possibly Jasmine. We mourn the loss of Felicia, who, once we finally got to hear her, proved to be quite good. We’ll sign her to our record label, American Idol Rejects Records.


3rd Group of 3-3.3.09

3/3/09 – Third Group of 12 Well, real life has gotten in the way of our AI recap this week. Gotta pay the bills ya know! We can give you our picks for tonight though. Lil’ Dawg: Scott MacIntyre, Lil Rounds Ju’Not Joyner Tight Black T: This is who I would like through – Scott MacIntyre, Lil Rounds and Ju’Not Joyner. But I think it’s very possible that Jorge Nunez will make it through instead of Joyner. ETA on Thursday by Seacrest’s Hair: We finally got around to watching the tape. We liked Alex, Felicia and Lil but had no hope for Alex actually getting through. We knew that spot was reserved for Scott…