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San Francisco, California 1.20.09

San Francisco, 1/20/09

Tight Black T

Maybe it was the excitement of the rest of the day, but AI’s San Francisco auditions left me bored to tears. The show was down to one hour (thankfully) and seemed to focus more on the losers than the winners. And truthfully, even those who received the coveted golden ticket, only 12 in all, did nothing to peak my interest. Though what should I expect from the city where they discoverd Kat McPhee and William Hung. Rolleyes Built this city on rock and roll my ass!

I should have known that the night was not going to go well after they put Tatiana Del Toro, the model with the annoying laugh, through to Hollywood. This is a singing competition, as we so often hear from Simon. This one looked like she was ready for the “Miss American Idol Pagent.”

The kinder gentler Idol season continued with Jesus Valenzula who, while handsome, really didn’t have much of a voice. His two little boys better be standing with him on stage in Hollywood because otherwise he’s a goner.

After a procession of oddball characters, they breezed through three ticket recipients, and if I didn’t have DVR, I never would have even caught their names. John Twiford, Allison Iraheta, and Raquel Houghton were so . . . uninspiring, that I guess it didn’t matter anyway.

Adam Lambert, an actor who has appeared in Wicked for the past year, had a very David Cook vibe. The judges thought he had one of the best voices they had heard thus far, but Simon was put off by his theatrical style. While I didn’t find him all that compelling, I do think he’ll be a contestant to watch.

And then there was the requisite tug at your heart-strings contestant – Kai Kalama. Kalama takes care of his sick mom during the day and works as a musician at night. As with Adam Lambert, I though he had a nice voice but he didn’t grab me. Simon’s advice “Watch me for confidence.” Yeah right Simon. Dodgy

Lil’ Dawg

Overall SF was nothing special, I was very bored.

Only two people are even worth mentioning.

Adam Lambert: I think he’s a good singer, but personally, I don’t like the tone of this voice.

Kai Kalama: Definitely has a good voice, but he’s a little shy right now. I think if he losens up a bit a lot of people will support him.

Seacrest’s Hair

After a day of watching nothing but news, we were hoping for a bit of entertainment, but San Francisco just didn’t deliver. It’s pretty sad when the most interesting part of the show is the totally not staged — we mean it — seriously, this is real intro piece wherein the judges critiqued Secrest’s delivery. Rolleyes

Actually, the highlight for us had to be Annie Murdoch, who did not make it through, but gave a performance so disconnected from reality that she either had to be drunk or autistic. Too bad, because she was cute!

The utterly dim Akilah Askew-Gholston actually made Paula run away, and her segment took so long that we fast-forwarded in hopes that there’d be something interesting further ahead in the hour. Nope.

We saw seven people get through: Tatiana DelToro, who is so impatient that she couldn’t wait for the judges to come to Puerto Rico, and thus went to San Francisco… and also couldn’t wait to go through the audition, competition, signing and recording process before putting out a “media package” for her “album”. Jesus Valenzula is cute and well spoken, and his kids are even cuter, but the judges are already disinclined to put him in the top 12. Three middling singers were put through in quick succession where we would normally get a loser montage. Adam Lambert is a musical theatre veteran who we don’t think is nearly as theatrical as some other contestants we’ve seen. And today’s sob story, Kai Kalama, takes care of his seizure-prone mom and needs to groove more onstage because gorgeous tone and gorgeous hair can’t carry you through to the top.

If those were the ones they chose to focus on, what were the other five golden-ticket-getters like? We hope Louisville will be a better, but dare not get our hopes up.