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Hollywood Week: Round 1 2.3.09

Hollywood Week: Round 1 – 2/3/09

Tight Black T

147 made it to Hollywood and to the stage of the Kodak Theatre. This year they held the first ever Idol Boot Camp. Contestants met with stylists, vocal coaches and surprise mentor Barry Manilow. Manilow’s non-moving face was even scarier then when he was on during Season 5! Fear Boot Camp didn’t help 43 contestants as they were sent packing after the first day. Song choice seemed to be a big problem, even for some of the judge favorites.

In the end, there were no real surprise cuts. We saw many of the faces we’ve already become familiar with, but many of those people called out for selection still have gone unnamed. All of my personal favorites made it through the first round: Anoop Desai, Stephen Fowler, Scott McIntyre, Danny Gokey and Jeremy Michael Sarver. Surprise passes were given to Von Smith (stop yelling dude!), “Norman Gentle” (ditch the shtick), and “Bikini Girl” (Randy and Simon are still not thinking with their brains).

Tonight is group night, the night the contestants dread. For me it’s the night when you separate those who truly want it, from those who are just going through the motions. If you don’t have the work ethic to get through this challenge you are not going to survive the rest of the competition – it’s just that simple. I’ve heard people say that group night is unfair, that if your group sucks then you’re going down. I see it as, it’s your time to shine baby, put it all out there and make it happen. I’d like to think my boys mentioned above will do just that! Smile

Lil’ Dawg

Anoop! Anoop! Anoop!
Puffyheart NOOPDAWG

Stephen Fowler: Perfect song, perfect voice.

Von Smith: Stop yelling. . . . please! How did he make it through? I’d rather not listen to him again . . . ever.

Danny Gokey: I still love the rasp. His performance gave me chills, which doesn’t happen too often.

Seacrest’s Hair

Well. We’re still having flake issues, as we got home late last night (not our fault, roads were terrible) and ended up missing the first 15 minutes of the show. Checking our colleagues’ notes above, we apparently missed Manilow, Anoop and some filler. Oh well.

Coming back from what we think was the first commercial, we saw some guys get through: Stephen Fowler, who perhaps missed his session with the stylists; Jorge Nunez (our notes say “whoa eyebrows”); and Von Smith, whose sweater just barely was worse than the faces he made while he oversang.

We cut to a Boot Camp flashback and Byrd telling the recruits that song choice is everything. We professional judges have known this for years! And yet, most of the contestants blow their song choices. Much later in the ep, we see Emily Hughes, who had picked a good song, switching as she stood on stage and totally blowing it (but getting through anyway).

Nick “Norman Gentle” Mitchell, who we missed last week, brings the somewhat-funny again just because he knew we missed him last week. Or not. Anyway, he gets through again because somewhere under the sparkly shirt (apparently he picked through the trash and got it back, because we can’t believe another one was available for purchase) he might have some talent.

Scott “Blind Genius” McIntyre and Frankie “Has A Cute Baby” Jordan made it through without clips for us.

Jackie Tone, who we did not see last week (see a theme here?) is just a screamer to us, but makes it through again.

We get some clips showing how everyone has already bonded after only a couple days together. Aww.

Danny and Jamar from Kansas City (we cannot separate them and wonder how comitragic it would be if they were the last two standing) are through, although we’re pretty sure Jamar’s doing a retread of his original audition and Danny definitely doesn’t have the high range for “Kiss From A Rose”.

Bikini Girl is back and wearing a garbage bag… we fast-forward through a lot of the unnecessary crap (how many middle-aged female or family-oriented viewers is AI losing by featuring her?) and then listen to her whiny rendition of “Breathe”. Kara is spot-on in her “thin” assessment. Sadly, BG is through. Hell, she’s not even that good looking, Simon and Randy! We are totally cuter and hotter than her. However, we’re also too old to try out for Idol. Sad.

Sweet Jessica Furney gets canned before we even get to hear her again, as do the girl with the dog and some girl from San Juan.

Jesus and Sarver (who is now Jeremy instead of Michael) are briefly pimped. Jesus has a nasty-looking pencil mustache and we think he gets canned because of it. Sexy Sarver is through.

The Osmond boy continues to fail to impress me but goes through. Erika Wesley, another San Juan auditioner, is not through and decides to argue… yeah, because that works in Hollywood.

Another set with no clips is through: Alexis Grace, Brett Keith Smith (only AI auditioners and serial killers use their middle name, yo), Annemarie B (we are giving up on remember her last name) and Adam “Wicked” Lambert.

Tomorrow is our favorite (no really) catastrophe, the Group Sing. We seriously love Group Sing. We will save further rhapsodic-type waxing for tomorrow, though.