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Porn turtles,lint brushes, & Bendies OH MY!

     We’ve been singing the Soul Patrol blues lately.  Where are the days of the Soul Patrol being one big happy family? Remember when we were a dedicated, loyal, organized, and creative community? The voting? The go phones? Taylor’s shout outs to his fan base? TuesTAYS?  It seems like issue after issue is splitting the fan base and it’s getting really old. These days it’s more like one big dramatic dysfunctional family.    

     Let’s put the fun back in dysfunctional! Let’s try as a group to recall some of the fun times and get things back on track for Taylor’s sake. So, sing your blues about the latest issues if you must, but see if you can also contribute a fun story or experience from the last couple of years. Like Taylor says “Share a little smile”. As a group we’ve done so many fun and positive things. It’s easy to lose sight of that sometimes, but in the big picture this is a strong, smart, generous, and loyal group. Hell, when thousands of women are interested in the same man there are bound to be some fireworks!  So,  shoot us some favorite stories and memories of the Taylor Hicks fan journey!


Too Old To Rock ‘n Roll?

JMO: Too Old to Rock & Roll?
Lately it has been pointed out to me that I am over the hill and should be quietly making my way to the elephant graveyard. The music in my head needs to be stopped and my feet should no longer dance. Basically I should just be shot!.

Which leads me to ask what is the proper age to be a Taylor Hicks fan and when are you just age inappropriate?

Over the last few years I have meet beautiful, vivacious and yes sexy women of all ages who just love Taylor. I’ve heard endless stories of how Taylor has opened up the world for them again and brought fun and music back into their life. Is that wrong should all these women just go away? *Statistics now show that the the groups that purchase the most music both downloads and in stories sales are the 20 -25 and the 30- 65 years olds. Taylor is being marketed to AC radio whose core listening group is between 18 -65. I’m seeing mixed messages here.

I feel if Taylor wanted to appeal to tweens he would have dyed his hair and sold out to Disney long ago.

As for the video the director and artist work on the concept of a music video but it is the director who puts those concepts on film. It is most likely the director (Jake Davis) made the casting decisions not Taylor. Extras are usually more about a look then an actual age group.

Does Taylor Hicks hate me and hope I never show up at another show, honestly I don’t know. Think I’ll ask him next time I see him.

But until he tells me to stop I’ll be there with my party hat on shaking my maracas!

But that is just my opinion!

*statistics from various sources