Welcome to Taylor Hicks Rocks, our companion blog to our website at www.taylorhicksrocks.com. We celebrate Taylor Hicks, the man and his music. Taylor wanted his voice to be heard and auditioned for Season 5 of American Idol. His unique soulful style, irresistible stage presence, and charming personality  inspired millions of voters to propel him straight to the winning spot. Since then he has released 2 CDs, toured internationally, performed on Broadway, supported multiple charity fundraisers, and is currently performing the role of Teen Angel in the National Grease Tour while about to release his new CD “The Distance”. This Idol is never idle!

     The Soul Patrol has been behind Taylor since his audition, and the  comraderie and friendships that have developed as a result of  their common interest have been amazing. Many fans that started out as internet friends now know each other well in real life as well. Taylor has been gracious and welcoming to both new and old fans at his shows and events and it’s always worth the trip! We welcome all to visit us and get to know more about Taylor’s music. You never know what the conversations will bring, but you’ll be among fellow music lovers that like to have fun. Taylor’s Soul Patrol have also followed his example and are often doing fundraisers to help those less fortunate-it’s a true network of kindness and generosity. You’ll never have to go to a show alone!

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