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2nd Group of 12 2.25.09

2/25/09 – Second Group of 12

Lil’ Dawg

Jasmine Murray: Starts off the night with a bad song choice. I don’t know if this was her first time singing with a live band or what, but it was very, very bad.

Matt Giraud: PEOPLE! SONG CHOICES! Viva La Vida? Why? I want the soul back . . . please.

Janine Vailes: Huh

Nick Mitchell: Sadly, the best vocal of the night so far, and the most entertaining.

Allison Iraheta: Someone made a good song choice! Wow! She was surprisingly good.

Kris Allen: Hmmmm . . . not too bad. He didn’t butcher Man in the Mirror completely, so that’s saying something in this competition right now.

Megan Joy Corkrey: I don’t really know. It started off okay, but then I agree with Simon that she oversang the whole middle. Weird hand movements though when she was attempting to dance.

Matt Breitzke: I liked it even if the judges didn’t. But I don’t think he’ll make it into the top 12 though. I guess we will just have to see how the rest are.

Jesse Langseth: Not good. I couldn’t understand her AT ALL and didn’t like the vocals anyway.

Kai Kalama: Fell off pitch a bit, kinda boring, NOTHING memorable.

Mishovanna Henson: Drops of Jupiter. Started off okay but then just broke down between the middle and the end.

Adam Lambert: I really can’t listen to him. I HATE his voice . . . but I think he’ll make it through anyway. Huh

Moving on: Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta and Matt Breitzke

Tight Black T

I’ve decided that I now officially hate this season. Last night’s show was torture and the producers should be brought up on charges of human rights violations. Seriously, that was the most painful two hours (okay, not two hours since I DVR’d it) I have experienced since childbirth! Where are the voices we heard in auditions and during Hollywood week? Is it really just the curse of bad song choice or are these just bad singers? Song choice was once again abysmal, but in addition, the majority of performers had no stage presence and couldn’t have found their way to the right notes with a map! It’s very sad when one of the best vocals of the night comes from singer/comedian Nick Mitchell. Rolleyes

It pains me to have to go through each contestant, but I would like to make some honorable, or dishonorable as the case may be, mentions. In the “where did your voice go” category are Jasmine Murray and Matt Giraud. While in the auditions I thought that Jasmine was more style than substance, I thought she had a decent voice. Guess I was wrong because it was nowhere to be found last night. And Matt, dude, what happened to that guy who just slayed Georgia during Hollywood week? In the “who the hell are you” category there’s Janine Vailes and Kris Allen. I never saw either of those people before last night, and I doubt that after tonight I will ever see them again. For “what the hell are you doing” there was Megan Joy Corkrey and Kai Kalama. Both had very odd and slightly uncomfortable body and facial movements during their performances. As I’ve said previously, that’s saying something from someone who loves Taylor Hicks. While on the subject of performance style – I can’t watch Adam Lambert at all. I sat with my hand over my eyes while he sang he makes me that uncomfortable. The next thing I was about to do was mute the TV because I can’t stand his voice either. He is just over the top in every way, and I was glad that Simon agreed with me. The winner of “whoa what was that,” was Allison Iraheta. Allison really surprised me. She has a great deal of confidence on stage for 16-years-old, and her voice is not bad. She is one to watch!

If it were up to me, and of course it’s not, I wouldn’t put any of that group through to the top 12. But, here’s who I think the fans will pick: Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta, and Megan Joy Corkrey.

Seacrest’s Hair

Another week, another bag of cotton balls we had to use to stop our ears bleeding. Rolleyes Although, we will grant that this week was slightly better than last week. But would someone please come along and set us on fire (metaphorically)?

So we start with Ryan wearing one of Simon’s shirts, Simon winking at Ryan, and Kara saying there are no second chances when we all know there’s three wildcard spots.

Jasmine Murray gives a pretty straightforward reading of “Love Song” that the judges find pitchy. We are pretty sure it was the background singers that were pitchy; the performance was solid and energetic.

Matt Giraud sings our pet peeve of the month, “Viva La Vida”. He dances like a dork, which might have saved him if he didn’t also have a weird vibrato, spit in the mic, awkward and choppy arpeggios, etc. Randy thinks the song was too simple for him; we think it was just bad.

Janine Vailes, whom we have never seen before (did she audition in NYC?), picks “This Love”, which is an interesting choice. Everyone loves her legs; we love that she has excellent control over her voice and a wide range (and her legs). Randy claims it was pitchy, but again we are certain it was the background singer(s).

Norman Gentle (he might as well just legally change his name to that) sings… um… “You’re Gonna Love Me”? He has to go. Please, America. His dad looks like he’s never seen the act before but then is upset at Simon’s remarks. Kara gets the best line: “You wear the same shirt, like Simon, every week!”

Allison Iraheta is 16 and dresses like a pinup. Despite her mush-mouth, her version of “Alone” is pretty good and at the very least fits her (stage) personality and her alto voice. Even Simon is excited by her, and her mom strokes out in the audience. (Simon is correct that she has a different/better personality onstage… but then again, Ryan asked a really stupid question of a really distracted teenager.)

Kris Allen, another one we haven’t seen much of, looks like an amalgamation of two of our ex-boyfriends, or alternately like a skinny Danny Wood from NKOTB. We cannot watch him. His song starts rough but improves in the second half, but this is not a football game. Simon, inexplicably, loves it, as do Randy and Paula; Kara speaks first and ends up the odd judge out with her hate.

Megan Joy Corkrey seems more concerned with her weird wiggly dance as she sings “Put Your Records On”. It almost makes her look autistic, or maybe that’s just because she resembles Lily from All My Children.
[Image: 180px-Leven_Rambin.jpg]
Anyway, we thought she got strident near the end; Simon described it as “shouty”. Overall, though, she got way more judge love than we’d have given, probably because she’s a cute blonde.

Matt Breitzke sings “If You Could Only See” because it’s just like the perfect love song and he loves his wife, y’know. (Sorry.) He looks kind of evil to us, but more importantly seems really detached from the energy the band is producing. And he wants to argue with the judges? Look, buddy, I love “I Shot The Sheriff”, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good song choice for me.

Jesse Langseth throws a curveball with “Bette Davis Eyes”, which really suits her nasally voice. It was kinda karaoke for us, but we really love her post-song banter with the judges. She talks to them like an equal, which from what we understand of her musical background, she may be. We agree with the overall assessment that it was too “cool” in the “laid-back, detached, unemotional” sense of the word. If she makes it to the top 12, she has to really bring it next time. Sing from your ovaries, girl!

Kai Kalama, who we think is really cute and sweet, picks a song we love, “What Becomes Of The Broken-Hearted”. We love that he picked an old song. We might be more like Paula than we’re willing to admit. Yet again tonight, we get a slow start and a better second half, and we’re left wishing he’d dared to go into falsetto at the end (not knowing whether he’s got any decent falsetto, of course). Judges think it’s safe, old-fashioned, and then Simon trots out wedding, hotel and backup singer. We really have to let him use these more frequently so he doesn’t bring ’em all out at once…

Mishavonna Henson sings a very tentative “Drops of Jupiter” with an awkward pronoun change. It’s like she’s used to singing it with “she” when it’s on the radio, but was forced by the homophobes at Fox to change it to “he”. We felt she was off-melody way too much (although it did go with the key) and was very much off pitch in the last note.

Adam Lambert in the pimp spot. Of course. He sings “Satisfaction” because his mom likes it. We hate when people decide on songs because mom likes it. Our mom likes the Grateful Dead… Anyway, his facial expressions channel Elvis, his vocal channels Steven Tyler, and like Randy says, his look channels that vampire kid. The arrangement is all the hell over the place and a huge challenge for the band. It’s still theatrical, but then again, it’s a Stones song so it kinda works. Maybe he’ll do some KISS in two weeks. Simon finds it uneven, and we agree, but he’s a lock for the top 12.

Our top 3 are Kai, Jesse and Allison, with Kris a close #4. We figure Adam, Jesse and Allison will go through, although either Kris or Megan could still have a chance. (Yeah, we’re completely confused and covering our butts here.)