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Hollywood-Part 3,Solos 2.10.09

Hollywood – Part 3, solos again, 2/10/09

Seacrest’s Hair

Our partners in crime have gone MIA (although not M.I.A., thank goodness, did anyone see that disaster she wore performing at the Grammys?) so we are on our own for this ep. Aren’t you terrified lucky?!

The ever-inventive AI producers decided to cut this episode up and make it all flash-backy, including flashbacks within flashbacks: they started with the kids in the holding room and the judges with the Pile o’ Polaroids, then used that nifty rewind thing from the David Cook commercial to go back to the auditions… and then went back and forth repeatedly the rest of the episode, breaking it up with flashbacks to original auditions, including (for one person) an audition and H’wood failure from last season.

We were actually going to note every “Dramatic Shot Of Holding Room” (DSOHR) but there were so many we lost count. Your loss! Just know there were a lot.

Adam Lambert picks “lucky #1” (per Seacrest) and drags out Cher’s “Believe” to a very torchy slow ballad. Hm. We’re not sure about this.

Matt Giraud plays keys and sings “Georgia”, which is swingy, soulful and a tiny bit modern. He’s got a decent high range.


Jamar and Danny are still joined at the hip, although we’re willing to bet they only drew consecutive numbers in the final edit, not real life. Jamar seems to be losing his voice through “Delilah” and does some kind of staccato thing through what used to be drawn out notes, which the audience likes much better than we do. He squints so much we can’t tell if his eyes are open or not.

Danny rasps through “I Hope You Dance”, which we can’t stand, as he sounds like Macy Gray crossed with Elliott Yamin (and we like Elliott!). We think he picked a totally wrong money note, too.

DSOHR #2. (After this we lose count because they come fast and furious.)

Anoop Desai sings something blue-eyed soul-y; Jorge Nunez is kinda annoying but the judges still seem to like him.

Scott “Blind Guy” MacIntyre sings “Home.” Fucking “Home.” Daughtry. WHY??!?!!? His piano playing is nice but he sounds exactly like Daughtry’s recording. Again, WHY??!?!!? Also, he gets past-vid-pimped, maybe to make up for the Daughtryness, but it doesn’t work on us.

Kendall Beard (we don’t remember her) sings “Before He Cheats” (Carrie U.) and it is meh; Stevie Wright sings “Bubbly” in her lovely deep voice and we like it; Lil Rounds gives an unsurprising church solo-type performance of something we didn’t recognize in that short clip.

Kristin McNamara from “Team Compromise” (the blonde chick) sings “Because Of You”, yells it a bit and wears a hideous long, orange, printed dress that a blogger we read described as “vintage Mama Cass”. Except Mama Cass probably looked awesome in it.

Mishavonna Henson (holy crap, what a name) sings a note-perfect version of something we didn’t write down, and has an interesting whispery voice. She was booted from H’wood last year.

In the future-present, the kids are finally getting divided into the four rooms.

Tatiana, the bane of our existence, gives her least-obnoxious performance yet, until the last few notes and, y’know, her personality.

Alexis Grace sings “Before He Cheats” better than Kendall did; Kenny Hoffbauer (we don’t remember him) is a Jack Johnson clone, when Jack himself is starting to grate on our nerves; and Jasmine Murray blows people away with “Tattoo”, although she seems a bit off to us.

Nathaniel “The Queen” Marshall plays a nice subdued guitar on “Disturbia”, which we think was pretty good and not queeny, although it’s hard to tell with the constant cut-ins of him acting queeny during groups.

Joanna Pacitti and Casey Carlson forget their words; Stephen Fowler plays piano, sings with his eyes closed and grimacing, forgets his words, starts over, forgets his words again and gives up. But what he wasn’t screwing up sounded good!

In the future-present, Tatiana is removed from Room 1 and moved to Room 4, thereby making Room 1 more optimistic and Room 4 totally fearful.

Nick “Norman Gentle” Mitchell, sadly, decides to prance around as Norman and sing “Georgia” through his nose. We wish he’d either stop screwing around or get cut. He is Sanjaya-like.

Anne Marie B. sings “I Hope You Dance” very prettily but has a near-miss on the money note; Ju’Not Joyner sings Delilah pretty but husky (not like Danny’s rasp, though, for some reason Ju’Not doesn’t get on our nerves as much… maybe because he’s not being pimped).

Kaylan (pronounced Kaitlyn) Loyd sings older than she looks, but OMG is she chewing gum on stage? Maybe that’s why Simon cut her off.

Leneshe Young does a nice R&B-ish version of Sara Bareillies’ “Love Song”. Of course we get to see her sob-story again.

Kai Kalama is totally losing his voice, but is okay with the guitar; Sarver has re-dropped the “Jeremy” (so weird) and sings something we know but can’t figure out through the arrangement (a little help here?), doesn’t suck but throws in way more runs than we care for.

In the future-present, Simon runs away before the holding rooms get the news. We’re sure he had pressing business to attend to in London. Dodgy As we go into the holding rooms, Paula is wearing some kind of, um, scrap metal necklace? We think she wore something similar in Season 5 as well. Kara is pretty, and Randy is either wearing chains or they are part of his shirt. We need an HDTV.

They go to Room 2 first. It contains Alexis, Joanna, Casey, Kai, Arianna (remember her from Phoenix? neither did we), Jasmine, Stephen, Sarver and Nathaniel. After some annoying nail-biting stuff from the judges, they get through.

Next, to Room 3, which includes India (who apparently had a rough solo, although we didn’t really get much more than a second of that), little Castro, Kaylan and Leneshe. Hopefully Leneshe gets some offers elsewhere to support her family, because they are not through.

Room 1 has been waiting “forever”, including Anoop-dawg, Scott, DannyandJamar, Adam, Lil, Jorge and Jackie Tone (Tom? we have no idea). They are through.

Which means Room 4 gets to freak out some more. Already they have Tatiana, but now they’ve heard two rooms scream in joy. Nobody ever knows how many people are getting through in this round; it’s only the next round that has an actual quota, 36. So, the judges let them sweat for a really long time while Tatiana builds up to a really high, annoying, scaredy-pitch. Some guy finally raises his hand and pretty much begs the judges to say “No” already. They say yes. So Pain-In-The-Ass, Ju’Not, Jackie Mitcham (must be from NYC or San Juan, another one we don’t know), Cody Sheldon (Goth Boy), Matt B., Nick/Norman, Anne Marie, Felicia Barton (seriously, we think some people have never been shown before but made the top 36 so Seacrest is dropping names to later claim we’ve seen them before), and T.K. (last seen in Jacksonville) are through.

We’re almost done with Hollywood! Onward to further winnowing tomorrow.