Welcome To The 5th Judge

Welcome to The5thJudge

Welcome to The5thJudge, THR’s home for AI8 reviews and recaps. Each week, three foolish, I mean, brilliant reviewers will give their take on this seasons performers. You won’t necessarily hear from all three reviewers each week, particularly in the early rounds. But, you will find that Tight Black T, Seacrest’s Hair, and Lil’ Dawg each have their own unique opinions on music, performance, and AI itself.

The eighth season is set to begin on Tuesday, January 13. This year, auditions were held in Jacksonville, Kansas City, Louisville, Phoenix, East Rutherford, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, and San Juan. Hoping to spice things up a bit, they’ve added a fourth judge to the mix, Kara DioGuardi. It will be fun to see how she affects the dynamic that we’ve all become accustomed to. Simon has been quoted as saying that the two “girls” gang up on him when rating contestants. Kara has conceded that she and Paula often have similar opinions, which creates some tension with Simon. Notice Randy’s not complaining. Rolleyes We’ve already seen some spoiler information http://taylorhicksrocks.com/forum/thread-317.html and our three judges will be keeping a special eye on those people to see where they go.

Timing of reviews will vary because; well we’ve all got lives. Once we get down to the top 12 we will make sure our reviews are posted before the results show. Please feel free to post your comments on our reviews and on the contestants themselves – we love intelligent discourse. Wink

So, see ya’ll back here mid-week for our first recap.


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